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This is the Ask The Zen Dudes Show. You ask questions related to health, fitness, jump rope, and lifestyle, and we give ya the answers. Let's #dothething, have some fun, and get super lean fam!

Today's questions:

3:48 - will doing dips going hurt my shoulders over time?
4:48 - exercises for losing body fat in the chest (man boobs)?
6:05 - do you take bcaa’s on rest days?
6:25 - what are your opinions about a low carb, high fat, high protein diet?
7:24 - can I build muscle only doing bodyweight exercises?
8:07 - should I bulk or cut first?
9:28 - how did you guys meet?
10:35 - what should I cut out of my diet if I am trying to lose weight?
11:41 - are you guys accepting more interns?
12:36 - how do I get accountability from other zen dudes?
13:17 - how do you create a community people are obsessed with?
14:13 - which surface is best for not damaging your rope?
14:48 - where do you get your music?
15:25 - what should I do about negative people?
16:48 - how long did it take you to lose 70 lbs.
17:40 - which camera is best for youtube and vlogging?
19:36 - how to hit your macros in college?

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This is the first episode in our new series of Ask The Zen Dudes. Each week you ask the questions regarding fitness, health, jump rope, lifestyle, travel, and we give you the answers. On today's episode we dive into a variety of topics including when to take BCAA's, how you should approach setting and conquering your goals, and if we thought going to college was worth it. Comment and let us know what you think!

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This week was chalked full of tom foolery, but we did our best to drop some knowledge bombs as well. The main topic we believe you can really take something away from was our discussion controlling your thoughts. Most of us are at the mercy of the voice in our head. Today we offer an alternative. Enjoy and subscribe!!

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Whatup Zen Dude Nation!! You may know us from our main youtube channel over at youtube.com/c/zendudefitness - if not, head over there to check us out. We will teach you how to get lean and have fun by jumping rope.

About this channel... over on our Zen Dude Fitness channel we started creating vlogs, podcasts, short documentary type videos and we realized we were drowning our audience with videos! As much as our audience loved them they were getting overwhelmed by the amount of content we were releasing, so we decided to move all future videos that are not jump rope related... over HERE!

We're still not entirely sure what this channel will look like 5 years from now, but we think it's going to be a fun experiment to embark on. The main goal always being to help you have the ultimate life experience!

As always, this is going to be a co-creative experience, so if you have questions or suggestions - drop them in the comments section below and we will hit you back. Hope you enjoy episode 1!

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Now that the new year dust has settled we want to discuss with you our and your plan for 2017. We realized that Zen Dude Nation wants way more jump rope content and that is exactly what we're going to give you. In this episode we talk about creating your vision and turning it into reality. We also discuss the launch of Zen Dude TV!

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Zen Dude Nation - we are all kinds of pumped up. We have been incredibly busy pumping out daily vlogs and workouts all month long and wanted to take a moment to record a conversation about where we've been and where we are going with Zen Dude Fitness. 

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We started a vlog here at ZDF for two reasons. 

1. To show how you can live an integrated life that includes fitness.

2. To challenge ourselves as video creators. We want to make a difference in the world through making inspiring videos and this is just a another step on that journey.


Watch the vlog on our youtube channel here

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Zen Dude Nation!! Tuesday Tips coming at you hot this week. We breakdown the training and mindset of the champ Conor McGregor and dive into some other topics surrounding getting lean and enjoying the process.

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This week was a little all over the place, but the main takeaways were that we are going to be coming out with some awesome gear for the ZDF fam + we gave you a complete rundown on how to warm up properly.

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